Eminem Apologizes To Rihanna For Controversial Chris Brown Lyrics, Slams Snoop Dogg On New Surprise Album

Eminem Apologizes To Rihanna For Controversial Chris Brown Lyrics, Slams Snoop Dogg On New Surprise Album

Eminem had lots to say on the surprise album he released Friday (Dec. 18th).

From extending an apology to Rihanna to coming for legendary rapper Snoop DoggEminem stayed true to his reputation of rapping newsworthy lyrics.

The Detroit native surprised fans when he released Music to Be Murdered By — Side B, a follow-up to Music To Be Murdered By that he dropped in January 2020. But the real surprise came when he apologized to Rihanna for previous lyrics from a leaked song where he referenced Chris Brown’s 2009 physical attack against her. The song was reportedly from a recording session as he prepped for his album Relapse, which was released the same year.

He rapped back then:

“Of course I side with Chris Brown. I’d beat a b**** down too.”

Chris Brown

Now, he’s taking accountability as he rapped in “Zeus”:

“But, me, long as I re-promise to be honest / And wholeheartedly, apologies, Rihanna / For that song that leaked, I’m sorry, Ri / It wasn’t meant to cause you grief. Regardless, it was wrong of me.”

Rihanna wasn’t the only celebrity he name-dropped on “Zeus.” He also blasted Snoop Dogg on the song that has since gone viral. He rapped:

“As far as squashing beef I’m used to people knocking me/But just not in my camp/And diplomatic as I’m tryin’ to be/last thing I need is Snoop doggin’ me / Man, Dogg, you was like a damn god to me/Meh, not really (haha)/I had ‘dog’ backwards.”

Eminem seems to be hurt after Snoop Dogg made comments about him during an interview with The Breakfast Club earlier this year. When asked if Eminem was on his list of Top 10 Greatest Rappers Of All Time, he said:

Eminem! The Great White Hope! White rappers had zero respect in rap. Let’s keep that one thou-wow,” Snoop Dogg said at the time. “[Dr. Dre] has probably put Eminem in the position where he would be labeled one of the top 10 rappers ever. I don’t think so. But ‘the game’ feels like he’s [one of the] top 10 lyricists and all that that comes with it. That’s just because he’s with Dr. Dre, and Dr. Dre helped him find the best Eminem that he could find.”

“There’s just some n—as in the 80s that he can’t f— with. Like Rakim, like Big Daddy Kane, like KRS-One, like LL Cool J… Shall I go on? Like Ice Cube. You understand me? I don’t got no time to play with it, it is what it is. Cuz did that. He did that to the fullest. That’s one of my teammates, one of my brothers. He did that. “But when you’re talking about this hip-hop that I can’t live without…”

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