Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe Apologizes To Cast Member Chelsea Vaughn After Comparing Hair Insecurities

Kaitlyn Bristowe, Chelsea Vaughn

Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe Apologizes To Cast Member Chelsea Vaughn After Comparing Hair Insecurities

It seems that former ‘The Bachelor’ contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe might have missed the mark with some of her recent comments about hair. On the latest episode of ‘The Bachelor’ Chelsea Vaughn, who is a black woman, used her one-on-one time with bachelor Matt James to reveal some of the ins and outs of what black women have to deal with in society because of their hair. The model also shared with Matt James how freeing it was for her once she made the decision to cut all her hair off.

Chelsea Vaughn

Following the heartfelt moment, Kaitlyn Bristowe took to her Instagram stories to share hair insecurities that she deals with as a white woman. She also used the moment to promote a vitamin. It didn’t take long for fans of ‘The Bachelor’ to call out Kaitlyn Bristowe and accuse her of playing the victim. After receiving backlash for seemingly comparing her own hair struggles to that of a black woman’, Kaitlyn Bristowe issued an apology and shared with fans of ‘The Bachelor’ that she is working on educating herself. She also said that she jumped the gun in her previous post and didn’t fully listen to what Chelsea Vaughn had to say.

“I was like, ‘Yeah, there is emotional attachment. I’m so insecure about my hair. And I feel completely, completely ignorant. I am ignorant. I was ignorant in that moment to not listen to the rest of her story and understand the history behind why she had insecurities around her hair.”

She also said that she is 

“allowed to have insecurities about hair and emotional attachment to hair.” 


 “it is not comparable to Chelsea’s journey with hair and the history behind that and why she has the feeling.”

She continued,

“Chelsea’s experience is deeply ingrained in Black culture and beauty standards and I have now done so much research into what that looked like for many centuries.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe added,

“Shame on me for contributing to making a profit off a Black woman’s struggle.”

The ‘Dancing With The Stars’ 29th season winner shared a video of herself watching an educational video on black women and their hair journeys to her Instagram stories as well.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel