Katt Williams Says There Is A Misconception That Drugs Help You Creatively, Refers To Himself As The Greatest Comedian Living & Says His Perm Is A Homage To Women

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Katt Williams

Katt Williams Says There Is A Misconception That Drugs Help You Creatively, Refers To Himself As The Greatest Comedian Living & Says His Perm Is A Homage To Women

Comedian Katt Williams, who is known for keeping a low profile these days, made a special appearance on Fat Joe’s Instagram Live Friday (Apr.30). The pair spoke on several topics including Katt Williams’ upcoming Netflix comedy special, comedy legends such as Richard Pryor, and misconceptions in the industry. Katt Williams starts out by talking about his comedic material and says his content is funny because it’s based on truth. He speaks on the misconception that drugs can help you creatively.

“The misconception is that there are drugs that can help you do your job. No there isn’t. There aren’t drugs that help you memorize to be creative, to come up with something that someone didn’t already say. To figure out the funny thing in something tragic. Those are not the side effect of drugs, those are the side effects of brilliance. So if you think there is some state you can be in that can deliver you  a higher frame of comedy, there isn’t.”

Katt Williams refers to himself as the greatest comedian living due to his female fan base and says that his perm is a homage to women.

“I’m only the greatest comedian living because I have more female fans than any comedian on the globe. Period. Thats the end of the discussion.”

He continued,

“A perm is a homage to them anyways. They know what that is. See they let me in the business thinking that maybe I was soft out there, but it was a misconception. “


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Williams went on to explain why legendary comedian Richard Pryor is the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) and says Pryor never denied the bad things that occurred in his life.

“Richard Pryor really was a d*ck s*cking crack head because he said he was, and yet he is our king”.

Fat Joe quickly interrupted, jokingly telling Katt to not say that comment about the late comedian. However, Katt corrected Fat Joe, informing him that the speculation was written in Richard Pryor’s autobiography.

That’s in his autobiography, sir! In his autobiography, he tells you who he slept with, what he did, that’s what made him the GOAT. He did not hide the things that were bad in his life. The things that you wouldn’t tell anyone about.”

Richard Pryor

Katt Williams also announced that he is prepping for an upcoming Netflix comedy special and is in the editing process of the project. When asked what was his funniest moment or funniest joke he has made, Williams said,

“This special that I just put in the can, that I’m on set as we speak editing.”

Also during the conversation, Williams dished on being one of the elite comic of our time. When asked what it’s like getting together with his fellow comedian peers, Williams replied,

“It’s the greatest thing ever because here’s no way to fake. Everyone knows who the big dog is. With no camera, I get treated the way I should be treated. It’s only out here in the public that we try to erase it from history. But privately, oh we are all in agreeance.” 

Williams later expresses his love for black women, and says drugs and white women have messed up a lot of careers in the entertainment industry.
“When I was coming up, when I was reading the books of what would mess up the people in the entertainment business…if they were a black guy, it was the drugs and white woman and that’s what messed up all of these stories that I read.”

He also says he has never done any other substances except for weed and nicotine.

“I said ‘okay, I’m not going to do those two things. I’m not going to do nothing other than what I’m doing right now.’ Right then, I was smoking weed and smoking cigarettes. And that was then end of it. And to this day, all these years later…I’m still just Nicotine and THC.  
No word yet on when the Netflix comedy special will be released, but it’s safe to say fans will be anxiously waiting and looking forward to getting new material from the legendary comedian.
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Authored by: Monique Nicole