Tristan Thompson’s Lawyer Blasts Sydney Chase For Refusing To Show Text Messages That Will Prove Alleged Hookup: They Don’t Exist

Tristan Thompson’s Lawyer Blasts Sydney Chase For Refusing To Show Text Messages That Will Prove Alleged Hookup: They Don’t Exist

The back and forth between Tristan Thompson and Sydney Chase continues.

As previously reported, Sydney Chase alleged in a recent interview on Adam22’s No Jumper podcast that Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloé Kardashian with her earlier this year.

Khloe Kardashian

She also alleged she had text messages to prove her story. Tristan Thompson responded to the claims with a cease and desist – his lawyer (Marty Singer), stating that her allegations were “malicious defamatory fabrications.” He said in the letter,

“Mr. Thompson had no relationship with you whatsoever and he never sent you any such texts…It is obvious that you area liar.”

He added that if she doesn’t stop “defaming” Tristan Thompson on social media,

“You do so at your peril since you may find yourself in court attempting to defend your indefensible misconduct.”

Still, Sydney Chase stood by her claims once she finally received the cease and desist letter (after initially saying she never got it).

Tristan Thompson’s lawyer has now responded in a scathing, lengthy statement. He said, according to Page Six:

“You have stated to the media that ‘I will not be called a liar.’ You claim that your statements about supposedly receiving texts from my client are true. You also were reading and quoting from those fictitious texts. You claim that those texts you allegedly received prove you had an affair with my client.”

He added that despite her claims, she refuses to show the alleged text messages proving the supposed affair.

“However, notwithstanding continued requests from me and from the press to provide the texts to back up your specious accusations, you have refused to do so. On three separate occasions including my email today, we have asked you to give us copies of the texts you claim you received from my client, but you have refused.”

He continued,

“Articles published by multiple media outlets state that they also asked you for copies of the purported texts to prove their existence. While you claim that your statements about the texts are not false, you persistently refuse to provide evidence that they exist and allegedly support your claims … The inescapable conclusion is that they do not exist.”

He went on to call her out and said,

Before I sent my first legal demand, you told the media that you could not show them the alleged texts from my client because you falsely stated that you were dealing with Mr. Thompson’s lawyer — something that had not yet occurred. Then, after I sent you my legal demand on April 30, you made the inconsistent (and false) claim that you had not received my legal demand letter. You admitted that you received my letter at your valid email address only after being confronted with proof.”

“So that it is clear, before I communicated with you, you falsely claimed you were supposedly dealing with Mr. Thompson’s lawyer and therefore could not show the texts. Then you claimed that you had not received my April 30 demand letter by email despite later acknowledging that the email address we used is yours — an address that includes your birth year, is identified as yours via LexisNexis, and an address that from which my emails did not bounce back.” 

He concluded,

“You keep changing the purported ‘facts’ to fit your story. We again demand that you stop defaming Mr. Thompson with defamatory falsehoods. If you persist in this wrongful conduct, you will continue to be exposed to significant liability.”

Sydney has not responded yet.

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