NBA Player Malik Beasley’s Wife Montana Yao Fires Off At His ‘Old & Desperate’ Ex Larsa Pippen, She Responds & Says Malik ‘Is Not A Real Man

NBA Player Malik Beasley’s Wife Montana Yao Fires Off At His ‘Old & Desperate’ Ex Larsa Pippen, She Responds & Says Malik ‘Is Not A Real Man

It looks like there’s public drama between the girls in the Malik Beasley, Montana Yao, and Larsa Pippen love triangle!

This past Sunday (May 23rd), NBA player Malik Beasley publicly apologized to his estranged wife–Montana Yao–on Instagram. The apology was on account of Malik Beasley unexpectedly leaving Montana Yao and their son for Larsa Pippen back in 2020. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the NBA star reportedly demanded a DNA test shortly after the incident, following Montana Yao‘s divorce filing.

Yesterday (Monday, May 24th), Montana Yao acknowledged Malik Beasley‘s post, calling the sentiment “a step forward in healing.”

Shortly following her appreciative post to Beasley, however, Yao had some words for Larsa Pippen. For the record, it is widely speculated that Pippen broke up the married couple last year, but she denies this. In her post, Montana Yao referred to Larsa Pippen as “just a old desperate thirsty a** ran thru blow up doll” who is “passed around like a hot potatoe [sic].” Additionally, she called Pippen an embarrassing clout-chaser who is highly insecure and does not spend time with her children.

Shortly after, Pippen responded, beginning with:

“Hey sweetie, I can spend the day going back and forth with you on the Internet but woman to woman I would never do that, especially over a man. But here’s some free press for you. Let me clear up some of the misinformation you shared as facts.”

Larsa Pippen goes on to claim that Malik Beasley was the one who pursued her and that, following his abandonment of Montana Yao and her child, she realized he “is not a real man.” Additionally, before finishing up her response, Pippen brings up Yao and Beasley‘s child, stating:

“Lastly, and please don’t take this the wrong way. All my beautiful children that you referenced will never have to read about how their father didn’t claim them. You should be worried about the narrative you two need to create to distract yours from dealing with that reality.”


Montana Yao quickly responded to Larsa Pippen with two more posts. First, she proceeded to refute Pippen‘s claims regarding Malik Beasley and doubled down on calling her a clout-chasing embarrassment. Shortly thereafter, Yao posted a side-by-side of Pippen before and after her plastic surgery. Alongside the photo, Yao wrote:

“Your words don’t match your actions, just like your new face doesn’t match your old face. Poor thing.”

No further comments have been made by Montana Yao, Larsa Pippen, or Malik Beasley.

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Authored by: Nick Alexander Fenley