Tessica Brown, AKA Gorilla Glue Girl, Launches Her Own Haircare Line

Tessica Brown

Tessica Brown, AKA Gorilla Glue Girl, Launches Her Own Haircare Line

Tessica Brown, who is infamously known as the Gorilla Glue Girl, is making headlines again for hair care products, however, this time things are looking up. Tessica Brown recently announced that she has launched her own hair care line called Forever Hair. Currently, the website for the line has two products available for customers to purchase, one being a bottle of “growth stimulating oil” that’s selling for $18.00. The second product is a $14.00 bottle of holding spray.

As previously reported, Tessica Brown first came into the public’s eye back in February after a video of her admitting she used Gorilla Glue to slick her hair down went viral. Following the shocking confession, Tessica Brown had to undergo surgery to have the adhesive fully removed from her head.

Tessica Brown, Dr. Michael K. Obeng

Tessica Brown recently spoke about her new haircare line via her IG stories. She said,

“As ya’ll already know, about four months ago I ran out of hairspray and ended up using Gorilla Glue spray. Bad, bad idea! And a result of that, I ended up losing my hair and having scalp damage.”

She continued,

“Since then I have been working with professionals to create and formulate a hair growth oil. I needed this oil to one, heal my scalp. I needed it to grow my hair back [and] stimulate my hair follicles. And on top of that, I needed everything to be all-natural.”



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Tessica Brown added that she’s been using her products for two months now and her scalp,

“feels amazing. My hair is already growing back.”

Tessica Brown

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel