Dr. Ian Smith Accuses ‘The Doctors’ Show Of ‘Racial Discrimination & Retaliation’ In Complaint, Says EP Sexually Harassed Him & Told Him To Wear ‘Tighter Clothes’

Dr. Ian Smith

Dr. Ian Smith Accuses ‘The Doctors’ Show Of ‘Racial Discrimination & Retaliation’ In Complaint, Says EP Sexually Harassed Him & Told Him To Wear ‘Tighter Clothes’

Dr. Ian Smith is opening up about what he experienced during his time on CBS’ The Doctors and is calling out the daytime syndicated series for “racial discrimination and retaliation.”

His claims come after he had a conversation with the Head of CBS George Cheeks after being fired. Dr. Ian Smith was fired in late January after citing a producer’s racist discriminatory statements about him” on a Zoom call. Cheeks allegedly showed compassion and told him that the incident should’ve “never happened” and would “be investigated ASAP.”

But a complaint Dr. Ian Smith recently filed with the New York Division of Human Rights and U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleges, “To date, the CBS investigation remains incomplete.”

The complaint calls out “unlawful discriminatory practices” and references Sharon Osbourne, who left The Talk, which also airs on CBS, after a heated conversation on race with her now-former co-host Sheryl Underwood. 

Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood

“The delay in the investigation is striking given how quickly CBS investigated recent allegations that Sharon Osborne engaged in race discrimination on another CBS daytime talk show called The Talk.

He said in the complaint that he’s had issues with the show from the start. He was hired as the only host of the 13th season in July 2020 amid the nationwide fight against police brutality and for racial justice.

Dr. Ian Smith adds in the complaint that CBS has been radio silent on its decision to fire him since February, even though his photo is still on the show’s website.

He said after he complained to the show’s EP Patty Ciano about the lack of diversity when it comes to the show’s producers (only one of 24 are black) and she allegedly told him,

“We have you as the host. That’s what matters.”

He also accused her of sexual harassment, alleging that she told him to wear “tighter clothes” on camera.

Smith named Ciano, Stage 29 Productions along with its co-founder Jack McGraw (son of daytime talk show host Dr. Phil) and ViacomCBS are called out as “aiders and abettors” in the filing.

He went on to say that former Doctors co-host Rachael Ross also spoke of “a lack of diversity and racism” on the show. The two worked together on Doctors in 2013. They both left ahead of the 2014 season and Smith just returned as the sole host last year.

His lawyer of Leeds Brown Law, P.C said in a statement Tuesday (July 20th),

“If my client didn’t complain about racism, he would still be the host of The Doctors. His repeated complaints are a show of courage. He stuck his neck out to make the industry more inclusive and make the world a better place. We are exceptionally confident that we will prevail in this case and look forward to trial.”

He also claimed in the complaint that African-American hosts had fewer appearances and were paid less than their White counterparts.

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Authored by: Char Patterson