Da Brat’s Fiancée Jesseca Dupart Calls Out Rapper For Being Silent After She Proposed + Da Brat Says She Was ‘Overwhelmed’

Da Brat’s Fiancée Jesseca Dupart Calls Out Rapper For Being Silent After She Proposed + Da Brat Says She Was ‘Overwhelmed’

Da Brat and Jesseca Dupart have opened up about their on-screen engagement.

Yesterday (Thursday, Aug. 26th), a new episode of Da Brat and her fiancée Jesseca Dupart‘s WeTV series, Brat Loves Judy, aired. However, before the episode premiered, Jesseca Dupart proceeded to jump on social media and offer fans a sneak peek of what was to come.

In a series of social media posts, Jesseca Dupart spoke on how Da Brat (real name Shawntae Harris) was initially silent after being proposed to. In one screenshot, Dupart writes:

“Yea y’all may see the RING but …… that don’t mean the day went well. That don’t mean the proposal went as planned, that don’t mean that SHAWNTAE HARRIS even responded to me THAT DAY…. wit cameras rollin.”

Da Brat notably commented,


However, the Instagram posts and tweets are still on Jesseca Dupart‘s profiles as of Friday morning (Aug. 27).

See more of Jesseca Dupart’s posts below.

Additionally, Dupart also tweeted:

“The d*mn TITLE of the show says BRAT loves JUDY ……. but does she love Judy enough for marriage hmphhhhh chow ………… I guess u never know until u ask?”

During the episode, Brat Loves Judy viewers got to see Jesseca Dupart propose to Da Brat. Notably, Dupart offered Da Brat three different rings, with different meanings, to choose from. However, Da Brat was visibly shocked and overwhelmed, and she stayed silent rather than saying “yes” right away.

Jesseca Dupart uploaded clips from the proposal to her Instagram shortly after the episode premiered. You can watch them down below.


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After the episode aired, Jesseca Dupart went on Instagram Live, and Da Brat eventually appeared as well to discuss her reaction to the proposal and overall event. She said:

“[I felt] like a queen. I was in another world, okay? I was totally zoned out, overwhelmed, couldn’t breathe, was about to ask anybody in the room for an asprin–had it not been COVID. It was a lot for me. Like, one surprise is a lot for me… It was like 50 different surprises.”

Da Brat continued:

“It was the birthday party, it was all my friends and family that I hadn’t seen in so long. It was my sister, it was my best friend, it was my mother, it was my auntie, it was [Jesseca’s] son, it was her daughter, it was the grandbaby, her mom and stepdad. It was just just a lot. People from Chicago that I hadn’t seen in so long, people from New York. It was just overwhelming. And then I get to the chair and then the rings come out. That type of s**t don’t happen–even in movies!… It was the most incredible moment of my life, and I just wish it could happen again so I could really live in the moment.”

Additionally, Da Brat continued to speak on what a great moment the proposal and overall event was. She uploaded a clip in which she was surprised by her sister, LisaRaye McCoy, accompanied by a lengthy caption:

“OMG! OMG! I LOVE MY PUNK!! @therealraye1 I missed her so BAD. The moment I saw her everything STOPPED. THIS WAS THEE MOST INCREDIBLE DAY OF MY LIFE! I had never been so emotionally overwhelmed and happy from left to right at every pivot I made. ‘It was all a dream!’ I kept waiting for someone to pinch me because it was ALL SO UNREAL. Not even my most imaginative fantasy could compete with what happened in my REAL LIFE… Baby yooou really outdid yourself with this one. NO ONE HAS EVER LOVED ME THE WAY YOU DO. It hit different when it’s UNCONDITIONAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL and UNF**KWITTABLE… Thank you baby @darealbbjudy for giving me a LOVE that people only dream of and maybe never get to experience in their WHOLE lifetime. I LOVE YOU with ALL OF MY SOUL. @BRATLOVESJUDY ain’t just no show title…IT’S MY TRUTH.”


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The series of Instagram and Twitter posts comes about a year-and-a-half after Jesseca Dupart claimed she was going to keep their relationship off of social media.

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Authored by: Nick Alexander Fenley