Chet Hanks Claims He Received Support From Jamaicans For Using Fake Patois Accent + Reveals His Parents Compared Him To Cardi B When He Launched His Rap Career

Chet Hanks Claims He Received Support From Jamaicans For Using Fake Patois Accent + Reveals His Parents Compared Him To Cardi B When He Launched His Rap Career

Chet Hanks recently opened up about a variety of topics–including some personal controversy and his home life.

This past Monday (Sept. 20th), Chet Hanks addressed some points of interest about himself in a video. The first topic the 31-year-old spoke on was cultural appropriation and his faux Caribbean accent. As previously reported, Chet Hanks controversially began to suddenly speak using a Jamaican Patois accent at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards.

While recently addressing his usage of the fake accent, Chet Hanks initially began by providing some backstory. He revealed:

“I was hooking up with this chick. One day, she was on the phone with her family in Jamaica. And she was really in the middle of a heated conversation. I really had no idea what the f**k she was saying… I’m like ‘Wow, wow. So, wait–break that down.’ So then she started breaking down a lot of s**t… She was just telling me how to say different s**t. So for like a week I was really on a Jamaican stint. And that just happened to be the week of the Golden Globes.”

Chet Hanks then began to respond to people who took issue with him using a faux Jamaican accent. He claimed:

“I had Jamaicans blowing my Instagram [with praise]. Jamaican people showed me the most love, hands down. But then you got all these social justice warriors in America saying that I’m a f**king villain.”

He was then asked what he thinks about the general concept of cultural appropriation, to which Chet replied:

“I don’t f**king know, dude. If I’m interested in f**king bullfighting, I can fly to Spain and go watch a bullfight. And if I wanna go talk to a matador and say ‘Hey bro, can you teach me how to f**king fight the bulls?’ And he’s like ‘Hell yeah, bro! Here, put this on.’ He’s stoked that I’m stoked, right? Some a**hole out there is gonna say I’m f**ked up ’cause I’m culturally appropriating the matador culture.”

Chet Hanks added:

“But I’m not even mad though because–all these haters–they’re on the way out, dude. There’s more people that f**k with what the f**k I’m saying than there’s people that are angry about what the f**k y’all talking about. And that’s a motherf**king fact.”

Chet then spoke on his experience growing up as the child of a famous actor–Tom Hanks.

“People assume that–because my dad is super famous–everybody would wanna be my friend and be, like, kissing my a**. And that just wasn’t the case. If I walk into a room and someone’s like ‘Oh, you know who that is? That’s Tom Hanks’ son.’ The logical reaction is for someone to assume that I must be like a real cocky, arrogant, spoiled brat, piece of s**t. Like, people were inclined to hate my guts. I just internalized it, and it just [caused] me to kinda like have a really negative chip on my shoulder. And be very defensive. Just on edge around, like, meeting new people.”

He proceeded to share a story of when he first realized that people had a negative assumption about him because of his famous father:

“I beat this kid at a game of four square, and he got super p***ed that I beat him. He was like ‘You just think you’re so f**king cool because your dad’s famous.’ And I was like ‘Man, that had nothing to do with it.’ I realized then, at that moment, that me being who I am meant nothing to me–but it meant a lot to other people.”

Shortly thereafter, Chet revealed he first began to write raps when he was 15 as a way to express himself. He also spoke on what exactly White Boy Summer–a term he coined and turned into a song–is, saying:

“White Boy Summer is me. White Boy Summer is fun, inclusive.”

He continued, claiming he’s learned to “Not give a f**k” about others’ reactions to him being Tom Hanks‘ son:

“I’m literally making a conscious effort now to not give a f**k–at all–about what these people are possibly saying or talking about. And that kinda created a whole different beast. Like just last week, I’m getting a haircut. And my barber’s like ‘So, you’re Tom Hanks’ son? Are you really Tom Hanks’ son? Tell your dad to come in here!’ And it’s like, yeah dude, for sure–you actually think I’m gonna tell my dad that? Like that’s the kind of s**t me and my dad talk about? But people are so oblivious to it. They don’t stop to think about how many millions of times people have told me that.”

Chet Hanks then proceeded to wrap up his discussion by humorously revealing that, after he began to release music videos, his parents compared him to Cardi B! He stated:

“I showed my mom and my dad [my music videos]. They were like ‘This is like, uh, Cardi B!'”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley