Chris Webber Bringing A $175 Million Cannabis Compound To Southwest Detroit

Chris Webber Bringing A $175 Million Cannabis Compound To Southwest Detroit

Chris Webber is looking to give back to his hometown by starting a new cannabis-centered business!

According to recent reports, former NBA star Chris Webber is preparing to open a cannabis compound in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. The 48-year-old retired athlete broke ground on the project yesterday (Tuesday, Sept. 28th) in Corktown–a historic neighborhood in southwest Detroit. The facility will be named the Webber Wellness Compound, and the project is estimated to cost about $175 million by the time it’s done. The property is owned by Players Only Holdings, which is a business Chris Webber co-founded with Lavetta Willis.

The compound will reportedly include a dispensary, a cultivation facility, a cannabis consumption lounge, and a marijuana operations and training facility. According to Chris Webber, the training facility will specifically be used to facilitate a three-month-long program that prepares underrepresented students for jobs in the cannabis industry. Additionally, there will also reportedly be record expungement offices located on the compound.

Regarding the cannabis compound, Chris Webber commented:

“This is my biggest priority in life. I’ve seen who [Lavetta Willis] and I have helped across the country and the lives that have been disrupted by cannabis. Hopefully, we can do a little bit of repairing. Hopefully, we can help the city.”

The first phase of the project is set to be completed in March 2022, though it’s unclear when the entire compound will be finished.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley