Soulja Boy Apologizes To Gaming Platform Twitch After He Threatened To Sue Them

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy Apologizes To Gaming Platform Twitch After He Threatened To Sue Them

Soulja Boy’s emotional roller coaster ride with Twitch has come to an end.

Southern rapper and internet icon Soulja Boy is remorseful about some of the accusations he recently made against the Twitch platform. He apologized to them yesterday (Dec. 16) after threatening to sue the live streaming network. Soulja Boy tweeted:

“Just spoke with twitch I would like to send an apology to the entire staff and community. It’s their decision let’s just see what happens. Thanks for your support.”

The drama began on Dec. 9 when Soulja Boy, 30, was banned from Twitch (a platform where gamers can connect and live stream themselves playing video games) on and off while he was streaming an episode.

No one ever seemed to figure out the exact reason for the ban, but some viewers speculated that the rapper either said a few “slurs” or received a copyright strike for playing samples of his music.

The following day, he tweeted:

@TwitchSupport I need your help. DM.”

A couple of days later on Dec. 13, he ran into the same problem and reached out to Twitch support on Twitter. He responded to one of their tweets, saying:


He tweeted again moments later:

I need your help my twitch got banned @TwitchSupport.”

On Dec. 15, the “Crank That” rapper, formerly known as “Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em,” tweeted a series of unhappy messages. In them, he accused the Twitch staff of being racist for continuously banning him, and threatened to sue them. He said:

“Who is the CEO of twitch and where can I find this n**** at.”

#BoycottTwitch #TwitchisRacist.”

“I need the best lawyer money can buy dm me I got millions I wanna sue twitch I feel like they racist they ban me without no explanation I will not stand for this.”

Soulja Boy joined Twitch in 2018 and has since amassed millions of subscribers. He has allegedly stirred up controversy many times on the broadcasting service.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya