Shenseea Talks Jamaican Men And Oral Sex During Interview With Angie Martinez “I Feel Like People Are More Open To It”


Shenseea Talks Jamaican Men & Oral Sex: I Feel Like People Are More Open To It

What are your doing-the-do deal breakers? Not receiving oral sex might be a big one for most people. During a recent visit to Angie Martinez’s Power 105.1 New York radio show, Shenseea addressed a very common stereotype on the subject of oral sex and Jamaican men. When the subject came up, Shenseea offered a little cultural insight on the generalized view that Jamaican men have a certain aversion to lowering their face below the waist during sex. 



When asked if she had ever experienced a Jamaican man’s refusal to take it down South, Shenseea said:

“Me? No! I mean, once a man loves and respects a woman [anything is on the table]. Anything. I feel like people are more open to it. As Jamaicans, they’re more open to it now.”



Shenseea reasons that this stereotype may be a generational thing of the past. She attributed the aversion to a cultural mindset and perhaps a bit of ego. When asked why she felt the act was frowned upon, Shenseea offered this insight:

“It’s just a whole stigma … ya know. We’re all ‘badman’ and ‘bad gyal.’ We don’t want anything that’s going to bring down our ego or make us feel less or weak. So I feel like it was just about that, so whatever people were doing behind closed doors, they kept it behind closed doors.”

In your experience, is this stereotype fact or fiction? Dish what you know in the comments!

Authored by: Nikki T