New York City Mayor Eric Adams Lifts COVID-19 Restrictions For Athletes & Performers

New York City Mayor Eric Adams Lifts COVID-19 Restrictions For Athletes And Performers

It’s official: Unvaccinated athletes and performers in New York City are allowed to participate in home games again. New York City Mayor Eric Adams lifted the COVID-19 mandate for them on Thursday, March 24, effective immediately. The restriction had barred Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving from participating in home games and was expected to affect the Major League Baseball’s upcoming season.

Eric Adams explained that he was removing the mandate to help the economy, which was hit hard by the pandemic.

“Today, the decision we’re making, we’re not making it loosely, haphazardly. We’re not doing it because there are pressures to do it. We’re doing it because the city has to function,” he told reporters at Citi Field in New York.

Some workers who were affected by the mandate have called the move unfair because the exemption does not apply to them. But Eric Adams stood by his decision. He continued:

“New York City is at a low-risk environment and so today we take another step in the city’s economic recovery and support local businesses, entertainers, performances, and those performance venues across the entire city. And just ask any player, some people will boo us, but there are also those who will be employed and will cheer us. That is not only the game of baseball, but that’s the game of life. And we have to be on the field in order to win in both the game of life.”

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Authored by: Chelsea Stewart