Former ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Star Taylor Armstrong Reveals Wendy Williams Was The First Person To Publicly Address Her Abusive Husband

Taylor Armstrong, Russell Armstrong, Wendy Williams

Former ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Star Taylor Armstrong Reveals Wendy Williams Was The First Person To Publicly Address Her Abusive Husband

Reality TV star Taylor Armstrong recently opened up about the moment her abusive marriage went public.

During a podcast interview, the “RHOB” alum shared that TV icon Wendy Williams was the first to publicly call out her then-husband Russell Armstrong’s abusive tendencies. Taylor and Russell Armstrong appeared on the Bravo series from 2010 – 2013.

While visiting “The Wendy Williams Show” back in 2011, Taylor recalled being stunned by Williams labeling her then-husband a “disgusting man”. Reportedly during the interview, the longtime daytime talk show host stated:

“With all due respect, [Russell] is a disgusting man to you. It’s like abuse!”

Wendy Williams

Recalling the moment, the 51-year-old reality star stated:

“It was another one of those, like, ‘What?!’ Like, I’m on national television – of course I’m going to [deny it],”

She continued:

“I was like, ‘What? No!’ I don’t even know what I said back to her.”

Taylor Armstrong, Russell Armstrong

The mother of 1 continued on, explaining that despite her denial, Williams and other media outlets could plainly see there were issues in the marriage. She stated:

“That started coming out a lot on Twitter and in the tabloids and stuff, like, it’s obvious these two have a messed up relationship….But [Williams] was the first person to say it publicly. And … of course I denied it because that’s what people do.”

Taylor reportedly married her venture capitalist ex-husband back in 2005. The marriage lasted for almost 6 years before the socialite filed for divorce in July of 2011. Russell reportedly hung himself a month after Taylor filed for divorce. They share one daughter, Kennedy Russell, who is now 16.

Kennedy Armstrong (right) & Friend

During the podcast interview, Taylor additionally addressed the moment she knew things with her ex-husband had truly shifted. Recalling season 2 of the Bravo series when her castmate Camille Grammer famously spoke about the alleged abuse, Taylor stated:

“I was in shock, and I don’t even know what my response was, if any, because I just remember sitting there completely stoic, like, I have no idea what to say right now,”

She continued:

“I remember looking at our field producer, who was standing across from me along with the cameras, and I was in shock….But I knew, staring at him – I just remembered the moment so specifically – that I knew something in my life is about to change dramatically…. I could get killed, I could get divorced, or things might completely turn around and this could change my situation. But I knew once I walk out this door, my life truly will never be the same.”

Reportedly, Taylor received multiple lawsuits for her late ex-husband’s financial troubles following his death. After reportedly seeking legal advice from attorney John H. Bluher, the two married in 2014.

Taylor Armstrong, John H. Bluher


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Authored by: Kay Johnson