Rory & Mal Call Out Former Podcast Partner Joe Budden: The most money he ever made in his life, he made sitting next to me.

Jamil “Mal” Clay, Rory Farrell, Joe Budden

Rory & Mal Call Out Former Podcast Partner Joe Budden: The most money he ever made in his life, he made sitting next to me


Podcast hosts Rory Farrell and Jamil “Mal” Clay are currently trending after taking a jab at their ex-podcast partner, Joe Budden. 

During the latest episode of the New Rory and Mal podcast, hosts, Rory and Mal addressed their former partner, Joe Budden’s latest comments about the duo. It appears Rory and Mal feel as though Joe Budden never gives them their credit and acknowledge the impact they had back when they were all working together. Well, on Friday’s episode, the two men addressed that very topic.

Mal begins by saying Joe Budden’s new show is a result of the hard work Mal put in before his departure. He said,

“I’m willing to go on your platform, your new show that still has my blood, sweat, and tears in it. And I know that pains him….The most money he ever made in his life, he made sitting next to me. That pains him.. I know that pains him, but we had a beautiful thing.”

Rory, Joe Budden, Mal

Rory chimed in, in agreement and said,

“It was the greatest podcast of all time.”

Mal continued,

“It pains him because the notoriety and clout and the attention he wanted as a solo artist, he obtained that sitting next to two guys that he feels like ‘has no resume’, ‘who are these guys, they didn’t go through the ringer like I did.’ It pains him, it hurts!”

While trending on Twitter, most fans agreed with Rory and Mal and feel as though The Joe Budden Podcast hasn’t been the same since their departure.

See reactions below:

During a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Joe Budden responded to his former co-host Mal’s previous claim that he stole money from him and Rory during their time together.

In the latest episode of his podcast “Accountability In Culture,” which aired on Thursday (October 20), Joe Budden said:

“No matter how many new beginnings you start, and no matter how many of those new people you get around you, some of us know you. That would be me. So please stop spreading these lies. You’ve never had anything for me to steal from, that’s not the nature of this relationship. This is some sick role reversal shit going on, and I’m not mad at nobody else calling me a thief. But you can’t call me no fucking thief. No, I will not have it.”

He continued,

“You’ve never pulled your own weight. The first never meant nothing to you. There’s never been like responsibility, you never got up and carried your own shit. There’s always been another n-gga around to help you do it, and you don’t speak to them n-ggas no more neither so this is not Joe specifically. Stop putting smut on my name. I’m gonna start showing up for myself cause that’s my problem with the fucking internet.”

Joe Budden

As previously reported, Mal and Rory made headlines last year when news broke that they would no longer be on Joe Budden’s podcast due to a falling out with the rapper. In an alleged leaked audio from earlier this year, Joe Budden addresses the pair allegedly not pulling their weight and still feeling “entitled to more.”

After getting fired, the two podcasters launched the New Rory and Mal weekly podcast later that summer, signing a lucrative deal with SiriusXM’s Stitcher.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole