DJ Quik Says He Deserves To Be Where Dr. Dre Is + Shares It’s Painful When People ‘Pit’ Him Against The Music Mogul

DJ Quik, Dr. Dre

DJ Quik Says He Deserves To Be Where Dr. Dre Is + Shares It’s Painful When People ‘Pit’ Him Against The Music Mogul

DJ Quik recently got some words off his chest regarding his former collaborator, hitmaker Dr. Dre.

In a series of tweets posted on Tuesday (December 6), record-producer DJ Quik took to Twitter and expressed his thoughts on where his work has taken him in the music industry compared to fellow producer Dr. Dre, 57.

Dr. Dre

The 52-year-old DJ shared with his 200,000+ followers that he deserves to be in the same position as Dr. Dre, while noting that he’s never had a machine behind him.

DJ Quik

DJ Quik, born David Blake, began with,

“I know it’s early. But I deserve to be where Dre is. I don’t think it’s fair, but I understand why. I’ve never had a machine behind me, that always hurt my friends more than it did me.” 

He continued,

“My friends have come to me in confidentiality to say ‘do your music like you want to. Just be DJ Quik! People love that sh*t!’” 

Quik clarified,

“This doesn’t need to be on a podcast. Because you have fire starters, who want to spin everything to get more ratings. But the truth is: I love Dr. Dre, like a big brother, one I never had. It pains me when people pit us against each other.”


He went on,

“There is no automatic winning lottery ticket for everyone Periodt. On this planet, you get what you get. But it’s what you do with what you have been given to work with that makes you a star.”

The California native shared,

“I know I’ll never be as popular as I need to be, but I have 10s of artists superstars! And when they shine, I just smile. The janitor doesn’t get all the glory, but he keeps the backstage, clean as a triage.” 

Quik added,

“This is not a meltdown, I’m just expressing myself as neutrally as I can.”

Reportedly, Compton’s DJ Quik and Dr. Dre are credited as two of the greatest producers of our time.

According to reports, DJ Quik is best known for his production of West Coast G-funk, a subgenre of Hip-Hop characterized by a synthesizer foundation and slow, heavy beats. He has collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Tupac, Chingy, R.Kelly, and Shaquille O’Neal, among others. Quik’s stage name reflects his ability to produce songs in a short period of time.

DJ Quik

Reports state that Andre Young, known professionally as Dr. Dre, later found fame with the gangsta rap group N.W.A. During the early 1990s, Dre was credited as a key figure in the crafting and popularization of the G-funk style of West Coast Hip-Hop. He also previously co-founded, co-owned, and was the president of Death Row Records.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely