Julia Fox Alludes Drake Was Her Best Celebrity Date, Says Outing Involved ‘Being On A Private Jet’ & She Was Gifted Chanel Bags

Julia Fox Alludes Drake Was Her Best Celebrity Date, Says Outing Involved ‘Being On A Private Jet’ & She Was Gifted Chanel Bags


It looks like Julia Fox is yet again spilling the tea on her dating history.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Wednesday (Jan. 4), the Uncut Gems actress recalled the best celebrity date she’s ever been on. Julia Fox shared,

“Being on a private jet, cuddled on the jet, landed, got some Chanel bags..It was great.”

When asked by Andy Cohen who the mystery man was, Julia Fox played coy and said,

“I can’t say. I really can’t say. But it was obviously an A-lister.”


Julia Fox

Later in the episode, Andy Cohen asked the actress/model if Drake was the one who took her on the magical date. Fox replied,


while visibly smiling and rolling her eyes.

She then joked and said,

“Shouldn’t have given me that shot.”

Last year, Julia Fox had a short-lived romance with Kanye “Ye” West. They dated for a couple of months before calling it quits.

In November, Julia Fox took to her Tik Tok account to address her previous romance with Kanye West, 45. The 32-year-old gave an inside peek at her former relationship with the “Donda” artist and said it was an attempt to distract him from his “obsession” with ex-wife Kim Kardashian, 42.

The “No Sudden Move” actress responded to a TikTok user who commented she was dating a “famously violent misogynist and antisemite.” In the video, Julia Fox explained why she ever associated herself with the rapper, claiming he acted “normal” around her. She said,

“I was just going to write about it in my book, and have y’all buy it, but I’ll just tell you guys for free. The man was being normal around me.”

During the clip, Fox claimed she stopped responding to Kanye, which resulted in him accusing her of having “bad text etiquette.” She explained,

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, Kanye’s yelling at me, like, what do I do?’ But then I had this thought, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, maybe I can get him off Kim’s case.’ Like, ‘Maybe I can distract him and just get him to like me.’”

Julia Fox, Kanye West

She added,

“I will say that, that month that we spent together, he wasn’t on Twitter, first of all, he wasn’t on any forms of social media. He didn’t even talk about his relationship. We only really talked about clothes and, like, weird ideas and plans for the future and our hopes and dreams for childhood and education. It was really beautiful guys. The moment he started tweeting, I was out.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole