Beyoncé – Scalpers Post Concert Tickets Online Priced Over $3,000 Shortly After Singer Announces World Tour


Beyoncé – Scalpers Post Concert Tickets Online Priced Over $3,000 Shortly After Singer Announces World Tour

Fans awaiting super star singer Beyoncé’s coming “Renaissance” tour should beware of resellers.

According to reports, ticket scalpers have already begun posting sky high seats online, though no tickets have been sold. This comes days after the songstress revealed dates for her highly anticipated forthcoming world tour.

Reportedly, seats for the coming performances have started to appear on popular resale sites such as StubHub and VividSeats. Despite tickets not hitting the market until next week, internet users are pressured into paying as much as $3,000 to secure a seat. Specifically, Beyoncé’s So-Fi Stadium show in Los Angeles are “speculatively selling for $3,064 per ticket on VividSeats”, though the platform doesn’t have tickets just yet.

Apparently, the issue of “speculative ticketing” has been an ongoing problem in the industry. Lawmakers have reportedly moved to draft legislation against the practice in recent years, to ensure more fair ticket selling is happening. Critics of the practice believe that it’s misleading to consumers. Live Nation CEO Joe Berchtold, who’s company has been accused of greatly benefiting from the practice, recently stated on the matter:

“It’s very confusing for a fan. They look at the resale sites in advance and see a ticket already on sale before they’re released, and they’ll think it’s rigged against them,”


“Most of these other secondary sites, their strategy is to super-serve the scalper so they can get the tickets and they can sell those tickets. Ban spec tickets — they’re an anomaly in ticketing that doesn’t otherwise exist in society.”

The report also notes that several secondary selling sites have updated their operations policies in attempts to curve the issue. As far as Beyoncé goes, the Grammy award winner has already taken preventative steps. Having one of the most highly anticipated shows, arguably of the decade, verification provisions have been reportedly put in place to deter reselling practices.

Fans are overtly excited for the show, seeing as no visuals have been released since the project came out in July of last year. Yesterday, (February 1st), registration for all shows opened on the singer’s website. Second performances in several cities were added shortly after. Tickets for the “Renaissance” tour will reportedly be available for purchase sometime next week.
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Authored by: Kay Johnson