Young Thug’s Lawyer Request That His YSL RICO Case Be Dismissed Following Trial Delay Due To Co-Defendant Being Stabbed In Jail

Young Thug

Young Thug’s Lawyer Request That His YSL RICO Case Be Dismissed Following Trial Delay Due To Co-Defendant Being Stabbed In Jail

Jailed rap star Young Thug’s legal team is moving to have him soon released.

According to reports, his lawyer recently filed a court motion to dismiss his ongoing RICO trial after a violent incident, once again, caused the case to be postponed.

As we reported earlier this month, Young Thug’s associate/co-defendant Shannon Stillwell suffered significant injuries after being stabbed while behind bars at the Fulton County jail. The presiding court judge, Ural Glanville, subsequently recessed the trial to give Stillwell time to recover. Following Judge Glanville’s most recent announcement that court sessions won’t begin again until next year, Young Thug’s attorney took the opportunity to have his appeal case heard by a higher court.

Legal documents show that on Monday (December 18th), Young Thug, born Jeffery Williams, filed a motion to have his case dismissed. Reportedly his lawyer, Brian Steel, submitted the paperwork on his behalf and is seeking to overturn Judge Glanville’s prior rejection of his first motion to dismiss. One social media outlet covering the case reported that Steel is additionally attempting to expedite the appeal so that it can hopefully be heard by an appellate court judge while the trial is going on.

Should the appellate court ultimately rule in Thug’s favor, the case would reportedly end immediately. It does not appear a decision has been made on the matter at this time. In case you need a refresher, the 32-year-old rapper is currently facing several racketeering and gang conspiracy charges for his alleged criminal activity involving his record label (speculated gang) YSL. Thug, as well as his fellow Atlanta-based rapper and associate Gunna, real name Sergio Kitchens, 30, were arrested in May of last year.

Before the trial started last month, Gunna was released in December 2022 after taking an Alford plea. Unfortunately for Thug, his motions for bond have all been denied. In April his legal team argued that his failing mental health was reason enough for an early release. However, Judge Glanville pushed back citing concerns over witness intimidation and civilian safety.

Thug remains incarcerated and the case is reportedly set to begin again at the top of next year.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson