Atlanta Man’s Viral Video Misidentifies Family Move As Human Trafficking Incident 

Atlanta Man’s Viral Video Misidentifies Family Move As Human Trafficking Incident

Following a series of viral videos depicting a disturbing scene involving a moving truck in Atlanta, authorities have clarified that there was no evidence of human trafficking.

Langston Proper, the man behind the videos, initially reported what he believed to be signs of human trafficking to authorities after seeing what appeared to be a body part protruding from a Budget moving truck.

After tracking the truck from Midtown Atlanta to Gwinnett County, local police responded swiftly, intercepting the vehicle near Sugarloaf Parkway on Interstate 85 Northbound. Upon investigation, officers discovered two families inside the truck, totaling eight individuals, including two juveniles.


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Despite initial concerns raised by Langston Proper’s videos, the occupants were found to be neither in distress nor tied up.

According to a spokesperson from the Gwinnett County Police Department, the families explained that they were relocating from Alabama to Maryland for new job opportunities. The truck contained their personal belongings, and the individuals appeared healthy and cooperative during the encounter with law enforcement.

The spokesperson added,

“The truck driver was cited for allowing passengers to ride in the back without seatbelts.”

The occupants were then dropped off at a local business to arrange alternative transportation to Maryland.

Langston Proper’s videos, initially posted on June 21, quickly gained traction on social media, amassing thousands of views and prompting many users to suspect human trafficking.

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Authored by: Aaron Keenan