Bullying-Is-For-Suckas :: President Obama & Celebs Link With Cartoon Network for Anti-Bullying Documentary


According to statistics, more than 25% of students aged 12-18 have been bullied. And our President is adamant about stopping the problem. On Sunday, a documentary will air on Cartoon Network, encouraging viewers to speak up when they witness or experience bullying. Children who have suffered from bullying, as well those who have experienced bullying, will appear in the documentary. In addition, celebrities and athletes have been interviewed for the film, such as Venus Williams, and Chris Webber. Obama is featured in the introduction, saying,

“It’s wrong, it’s disruptive and we can all prevent it. We’ve all got more work to do. Everyone has to take action against bullying.”

This documentary is a sort of preview for a longer documentary about bullying, set to come out later. Unfortunately, there have already been complications with that film, as it has been Rated R, thus making the target audience of young viewers unable to see it. Hopefully, those problems will be rectified. But, for now, the Cartoon Network anti-bullying film will air this Sunday at 5:30pm.


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