Billboard Music Awards :: Drumroll, Details + Adele Wins 12 Awards

Sunday night, the 2012 Billboard Music Awards went down, with a ton of entertaining performances, tributes and a few technical difficulties (someone’s sound cut-off while presenting, but it was no biggie). Some of the Award winners included:

  • Social Network: Justin Bieber
  • Best New Artist: Wiz Khalifa
  • Best Male Artist: Lil Wayne
  • Best RnB artist: Chris Brown
  • Top Artist, Top Female Artist, Top 100 Artist, Top Digital Song Artist, etc.: Adele [Although not present, she won a total of TEN Awards]
The highly-anticipated performances included, Chris Brown (performing “Turn Up the Music”), Usher (performing “Scream”), Justin Bieber (performing “Boyfriend”) and a ton of other acts. The evening also included a Whitney Houston tribute by John Legend and her ‘Sparkle’ co-star, Jordin Sparks (Bobbi Kristina came on stage to accept Houston’s award), along with a Stevie Wonder tribute by Alicia Keys.
Overall, how would you rate this year’s Billboard Music Awards? Rumor has it, they’re trying to become the new ‘Grammy’s’.