Nicki Minaj Says She Cringes While Watching Reality Show, ‘My Truth’

Nicki Minaj lets fans inside her chaotic, celebrity world on her new reality tv show, Nicki Minaj: My Truth. On the first episode (it’s a three part special), viewers get a glimpse of her demanding work schedule and personality, along with her new American Idol gig (with a small mention about her beef with Mariah Carey). And if you’re wondering if Nicki actually watched her first episode with the rest of the world, she did–but says it wasn’t easy to watch. On twitter, she explained why it’s so hard to watch herself on TV. She wrote:

 The thing w/ “My Time Now”… they weren’t trying to sell a story. they just wanted to capture the truth. so i bared my soul w/o knowing…But “my time now” is so revealing of my heart i can’t bare to watch it anymore. i cringe all the way thru it. but i know it needed to b done…”My Truth” is more revealing of the drive…the beast…the demand…the machine… but its important 2 remember its only one side of me

If you watched the first episode, what did you think? Was it a true portrayal of what we assumed she was like behind-the-scenes? Click here for last week’s episode.