[Video] Rapper Eve Denies Being Pregnant, Defends Falling In Love With A White Man + Says Nicki Minaj Isn’t Her ‘Cup Of Tea’

If you’re wondering just where the hell Philly rapper EVE (real name Eve Jihan Jeffers) has been, according to her ‘right here!’. This week, the 34-year old rapper stopped by Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ to promote her new album (Lip Lock, which drops May 14th) and clear the rumor mill air, literally. She quite candidly answered questions about her ovaries (and whether or not they’re trying to conceive), why she’s opted to date a rumored billionaire Caucasian man named Maximillion Cooper (as opposed to ‘a brotha’–she and the 40-year-old have dated for three years)

+ explains how she respects Nicki Minaj, but at the same time, she isn’t necessarily her ‘cup of tea’…not to mention, she’s never watched her ex-boyfriend, Stevie J, on Love & Hip Hop-Atlanta.  

Peep a few excerpts below. 

On pregnancy rumors: 

No, I’m not pregnant. That was that puffy coat. People lied. My circle is this big.

On if she wants children: 

Yeah man, I want babies. It’ll never hold you back. To me, that’s the ultimate blesing.

On how she feels Michelle Williams did during Beyonce’s Super Bowl show:

I think Michelle is doing other things, but I think it was a nice moment to see them together.

On dating her rumored billionaire boyfriend:  

H’es not a billionaire. He’s completely comfortable.

On why she doesn’t stunt with labels and material things, to the world: 

I’m chillin’. I feel good. I feel like that’s not my personality. Unless you in my face.

On why she moved to London: 

I moved to London for love. And I needed a change.

On dating outside of her race: 

I love my black men. This just happened. I really wasn’t looking for a white guy. He holds me down. He’s SO supportive.

On if she ever watched Stevie J on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 

I never had. I’m scared to watch my eyes. I’m scared.

On if she had to make any confessions to her current boyfriend, about her former life:  

His friends was hating on me hard. He comes from a certain place. Some of his friends were like ‘Wow, why are you dating this rapper chick?’

On if she still speaks with the members from the Ruff Ryders: 

We only speak when we see each other sporadically. That’s always my heart. Everybody lives in their own lives. It’s hard to keep up.

On being compared to Nicki Minaj: 

Yeah, kinda because we’re so different. But I get it because she is poppin’ right now.

On if she’s a fan of Nicki Minaj: 

It’s not all my cup of tea. I’m proud of her. The thing is, that music is not everything. At the same time, she’s doing her thing. You can’t hate on being successful.

On if she’s trying to get pregnant: 

I ain’t tryin’ not to. We been together almost three years. We travel crazy. Right now, I gotta make music.

Check out the full interview below.