[WATCH] Spoiler Alert! Top 4 ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Fight Predictions

kmichelle-hits mimi with flowers-lhhatl-the jasmine brand

If you love fights–specifically flower hitting, wax throwing, drink dashing and lots of pushing and shoving, you’re gonna LOVE ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘. Season two is back in the A, bringing the original cast, along with two new additions. And while some of the scenes from the latest teaser are a bit alarming, we can’t help but watch. And because we’re obligated to feed your reality TV addiction, we’ve broken down a few fight predictions–two of which we broke and told you about months ago. In no particular order, expect the following altercations this season:

kmichelle hits mimi faust-b-with flowers-the jasmine brand

1. K.Michelle vs. Mimi Faust. Earlier this year, we broke the story about a fight that went down, back stage of K.Michelle’s show in New York. The fight revolved around comments that K.Michelle made about Mimi’s new boyfriend, Niko, on a radio show. The two got into a heated exchange, with Arian in the middle, and flowers (that I believe Mimi actually brought for her). A month later, K.Michelle seems to be throwing darts at either Mimi or Rasheeda.

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 8.35.34 AM

rasheeda-kmichelle fight-hot wax-the jasmine brand

2. K.Michelle vs. Rasheeda. Again, we heard about this during taping, but allegedly, the two got into an all-out brawl, resulting in K.Michelle throwing hot, candle wax on Rasheeda. You’ll see the end of the brawl, with security intervening in the clip.

lhhatl-kurt-rasheeda-kmichelle fight-the jasmine brand

3. K.Michelle vs. Rasheeda’s husband, Kirk. While things didn’t get physical between Kirk and K.Michelle, thangs surely got loud and ugly, with both parties hurling insults on camera. Not to mention, hurling twitter darts for the world to see.

erica dixon-mama dee fight-lhhatl-season 2-the jasmine brand mama dee-erica dixon fight-lhhatl-season 2-the jasmine brand

4. Mama Dee vs. Scrappy’s fiance, Erica Dixon. Totally caught us off guard with this one. On season one, it was clear that the two, Mama Dee and Erica, weren’t really big fans of each other. But that’s not surprising. It’s rare that  mothers get along with their son’s significant others or girlfriend. We’re told that no blows were thrown, but a bit of shoving went down around the dinner table.

Anywho, here’s the extended trailer of season 2. Get your popcorn ready!

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