Evelyn Lozada Kicks It With Rihanna Backstage + Somaya Reese Use to Date Joe Budden, Says He Has A History of Fighting Women

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Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada was spotted backstage kicking it after Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour.

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And in other reality news, did you know that ex ‘Love & Hip Hop’ reality star, Somaya Reece, use to date Joe Budden? Not only that, the singer claims that Joey has a tendency to fight women.

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In an interview with Power 95.3, she explained:

“He’s been, he’s so thirsty to be on that show since season one. He is a thirst, thirst, thirst bucket. Everybody knows that. This isn’t something that I’m saying that’s not, you know, true. But you know, he has been so thirsty to be on that show since season one. I don’t know why he wasn’t even on it. I’m sure they were banking on me for being on season three. … He only fights with girls, he’ll never fight a man. He only fights with girls, I think everybody knows that and I’m sure he’ll have a lot to say from this interview but, personally, I don’t have anything positive or negative to say about him except what I have experienced and personally, I think no man should be fighting women, in general. He’s thirsty and he’s been thirsty since season one.”

Wow. [Twitter, Sohh]