The Art of Giving Back: Tyler Perry Gives New Director Tina Gordon Chism His Stamp of Approval

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Well if it’s one thing that we try to do ’round these parts, it’s to be objective and ‘play fair’ with your favorite and not-so-favorite celebs. Yesterday, we shared a story about how actress Essence Atkins said that Tyler Perry’s casting was all wrong when it came to Kim Kardashian being featured in his latest film, Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor. And while the views are conflicted on her opinion, some things are hard to argue. This week, Tyler Perry announced a new face on the Hollywood scene–Tina Gordon Chism.

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Chism, makes her directorial debut with an all-star cast in Tyler Perry Presents: Peeples starring Kerry Washington, David Alan Grier, Craig Robinson and Everybody Hates Chris’s Tyler Williams. This family friendly comedy is about a family accepting each other for their flaws, their secrets, and challenges. Peep the teaser:

Tina Gordon Chism, who got her start on The Cosby Show, along with her producing partner, Stephanie Allain, has worked and written on hits like Drumline, ATL, Hustle & Flow, Something New, Hurricane Season, etc.

Tyler took to his blog to share how excited he is about assisting the director in her debut:

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For the last few years I have been looking for talented writers and directors who I could help reach their dreams. Those who have the gift but haven’t had the opportunity. Those who are gifted at storytelling. Well, in my search of many I have found a few that I’m working on helping, but there was one that is so special and so unique that she is ready now.  Her name is Tina Gordon Chism. She is a writer and a first-time director. She did such a great job. I’m so proud of her. I must tell you, it makes me feel great to be able to help usher her to her dreams. I love seeing the underdog get their shot. If y’all didn’t put me in this position I couldn’t help her. So thank you. I feel that there is much more room in this business and this is my first attempt at opening this door for another writer-director. I’m excited about the possibility and I’m excited about her… a young African-American woman getting her first shot. This is really cool. I’m very proud of this movie and I’m very proud of Tina. I’m telling you, you won’t be disappointed. The movie is great and Tina is very special.

Tina further expressed her gratitude on Twitter:


Not slowing down with the Mother’s Day Weekend release of Peeples, the new media powerhouse just recently sold her script titled Inheritance, a thriller that will be overseen by DeVon Franklin.

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