[VIDEO] How Embarrassing! Ciara Served With Legal Papers During ‘LA Pride’ Performance, Watch the Footage


Earlier in week, a few fans were PEAVED, when news hit that Ciara was pulling out of ‘Gay Pride’. We’re unsure were the discrepancy was whether it was Ci Ci’s camp or the parade organizers, as both parties seemed to be doing a bit of finger pointing.

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Reportedly, she signed a $10,000 deal to appear at The Factory, a day prior to actually performing at Saturday night. The club said Ciara’s camp said she couldn’t perform, but could appear. Long story short, she did neither and folk were upset. Nonetheless, her fans and the gays have forgiven her–or at least we hope so. Over the weekend, dressed in an engine red leather pant suit, the Body Party singer headlined the LA Pride Festival. Check out her performance.

‘Body Party’

Another clip of her performing, ‘Body Party’

I’m Out



UPDATED: Compliments of TMZ, footage has surfaced of Ciara being served legal papers, during her LA Pride performance. From the looks of things, Ciara thought it was a fan that was holding papers on the edge of the stage. Turns out, Hit Factory were actually ‘serving’ her. Peep the footage.