[Interview] Dr. Sherry Blake Talks Celebrity Clients, Relationships + Why She’s Not Surprised At Porsha & Kordell Stewart’s Crumbling Marriage


Dr. Sherry Blake has become one of the most recognizable faces on reality TV. We’ve seen Blake keeping the Braxton Sisters calm on WeTV’s ‘Braxton Family Values’ and being a listening ear on Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ Recently, TheJasmineBrand.com sat down with Dr. Blake to discuss exactly what she does, her thoughts on celebrity couples and some good ol’ relationship advice. Peep the excerpts below. 

Clarification on her actual job title:

I am a clinical psychologist. I’m a doctor. I finished from Vanderbilt University. I have people ask me all the time ‘Are you a real doctor?’ Yes, I am a licensed clinical psychologist. As a psychologist, we assume that it is possible you could have a medical condition that requires medication, but it can be a lot of things. It could be your mom, it could be your dad, it could be your husband, it could be your children, it could be anything. So we look at the total person and really do therapy and work with the person in terms of working through the issues. We do not assume the issue is within you.

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Her Celebrity Clientele:

I have been working a long long time and I’ve had the pleasure of working with athletes, entertainers, I’ve worked with the NFL, I’ve done a lot, you name it I’ve done it. A lot of the work I’ve done because it’s confidential. No one knows about it. So I’ve been working with celebrities, and entertainers, and athletes, and high profile people I guess I should say, for some time now.

If she was surprised about Porsha and Kordell Stewart’s pending divorce:

No, I’m not surprised. I guess what surprised me and I think is very disappointing is the way it was done in terms of her finding out. As you know and the media know, she found out through social media. And I don’t care if it was Porsha and Kordell or if it’s Joe Blow and someone on the street, that’s sort of rough to find out that your spouse filed through social media. I was disappointed. Nothing surprises me!


Nothing may surprise Blake, but she did have some things to say about some other highly discussed celebrity couples.

Chris Brown and Rihanna:

Obviously, they have a connection that we don’t know about. They have something going on that other people may not be able to see. And you know, they’re young. They’re going to grow, they’re going to make mistakes you know. And I’m not on the bandwagon of ‘Let’s beat Chris Brown, or let’s oust Rihanna because she’s with him.’ I think that’s an experience. When you get to a point of being tired of being tired, you’ll do something different. Obviously whatever is going on, it’s working for them. Or it’s not. So, they’re going to have to make that decision.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West:

Interesting combination. Interesting combination. Who would have ever thought? However, you know, again, I think that’s a combination that time is going to tell. I think they’re committed, at least on some level, from what it appears to be. So we’ll see what happens.

How She Helps Her Clients: 

My thing is to listen, to hear and to help you process what’s going on so you can make what’s in your best interest, because everyone is different. You don’t tell people to leave their spouse. That’s a choice they have to make.

Peep the entire interview below.

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