[VIDEO] Love & Hip Hop NY’s Peter Gunz Talks Love Triangle, Stevie J Comparison & Having 7 Kids With 5 Baby Mamas

It’s still the hardest question in the world to answer. I’m with Amina.

DJ Envy: Amina’s your wife?

Amina and I are married, yes.

 Charlagamne: How do you marry the side chick, that is a guy code violation?

I know man. I know y’all want to kill me out there, all the women want to kill me out there and again, I’m only giving my best explanation it’s not an excuse, it’s wrong, its dead wrong but Tara and I were in a very dark place I don’t know what you’ll see on the show. We were in a dark place and I felt like it was the end of the road in our relationship and I was dealing with Amina. Amina and I were friends at first and we started dealing with each other and just to show Amina just to wait for me I promise because she was like ‘you’re lying, you’re lying, you’re still there’. I jumped out the window and did something I regret because Tara didn’t deserve that. She deserved me to come to her and say ‘yo it’s seems like I’m on the couch, you’re in the room, we see each other when we see each other it’s rough, I’m out’. Actually I have no explanation for it, it’s dead wrong.

DJ Envy: Explain how you got married?

It was definitely one of those nights were everybody was drinking and was like ‘come on let’s go, I promise I love you, let’s do it’.

DJ Envy: Where did you go?


You weren’t in Vegas..City Hall?

Yeah that was a mean night.

 Charlagamne: What drugs were you on?

Macallan 12, it’s a liquor.

 Charlagamne: MediaTakeOut says Tara is a classically trained actress and this is all for TV?

Tara is definitely an actor and I got the call and was like ‘you came here years ago to do TV, this might not be a bad thing for you to do’ and Tara’s mind it was like, ‘yeah I can find out what’s going on behind my back’ because she was already on to Amina—Mona and them pumped Tara breaks and was like don’t do that, you’ll have your day with her.

Angela Yee: Tara also brought up another situation

I have a family in New Orleans. I was engaged to her, we have two kids, two daughters. She’s an attorney and kill me if I said her name and what she really does but we have a very good relationship. I cheated on her with Tara, lets be clear. What y’all seeing on this show, I can sit here and make a million excuses like ‘oh that’s TV magic’ but for the most part it’s real.

 Charlagamne: What’s the Mona magic? What’s real and what’s fake?

All of my stuff is real. I might of went to her and said the marriage thing can’t come out, don’t do that because of…nah and she go to Amina like nah say you’re married because you have to. Amina wants the world to know so…

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