[WATCH] Melyssa Ford Calls Relationship With Ex FloRida Doomed, Blames Karrine Steffans For Video Ho Stereotype

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Melyssa Ford is back on the scene, starring in BRAVO’s new reality show, Blood Sweat & Heels. With only one episode airing to date, the shows popularity is already on the rise (it made network history) thus reinvigorating her entertainment career. This week, she visited Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, giving some insight just on where she had been and what landed her in the non-scripted world.

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The 37-year-old Canadian bred beauty explains that she always had a plan to exit stage left and leave the video modeling days behind.

‘Absolutely, who would WANT do do that forever? Like whose tryna be a 35-year-old video girl? You gotta have an exit strategy for just about everything…just in terms of business, the whole point is too dominate and then leverage it and then move on to the next. Hopefully, it’s not a lateral move. Hopefully, you’re moving on up…After I accummulated this fan base, then I started to solicit television opportunities. I was already on BET’s radar. A lot of what’s happen in my career has been soley based on timing…’
She points the finger at Karrine Steffans’ tell all book, for video vixens getting a bad rep for being promiscuous. She joked:
It’s kinda a BOOK that came out…Here’s the craziest part, Karrine, I’m sure that personally she’s a lovely girl…I don’t know her personally. Here’s the truth of the matter, when I was on video sets, no one knew who this girl was…I thought she was an urban myth because i didn’t know anyone that ever seen her before…Then this book came out and it defined an entire group…Like all vide vixens, hoes. Your story and mind were very different stories.
Some would think that since she’s no longer scantily clad in videos these days, she’s broke. And according to her, in fact she is. She says:
Now, let’s talk about being ‘broke’. Being broke means when you’re living paycheck to paycheck…You’re financial life is kinda a lil bit of a mess..I had to take what I had left, because I had not been investing in my brand. I no longer cared about it.
Her love life isn’t off limits. She’s single, but was in a relationship with rapper Flo Rida. It ended and she labels the relationship ‘doomed’ from the very start.
I got into that doomed relationship. We have nothing in common and uh, our conversation was pretty limited. We met in 2008, we dated for about a month and that was when he was brand new. I didn’t know who he was. It just felt like he was way too green. For three years, I wouldn’t have no contact with him…In 2011, he tracked me down on Facebook. He was dating Eva (Marcille).

For those who are unaware, Eva (who is now dating Kevin McCall) was dating Flo Rida.

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In a previous interview with The Breakfast Club, Eva said that Melyssa started dating Flo Rida because she realized that he had money. Meanwhile, Melyssa disagrees.

That’s interesting. She is enttiled to her opinion. Unfortunately, she didn’t seem to realize we were very well acquainted with each other.  He was like ‘That’s on the way out the door.’ And I was like ‘Don’t do it because of me.’ Word gets out that they ended. It took him a minute. He didn’t win me over and then I broke up with him again.

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Fundamentally, we’re two very, very different people.

She adds that she was not with him for his money.
Whatever he had in his bank account had no baring on why he was there.
Interesting. Catch the full interview below.