[WATCH] Mike Epps Pokes Fun at Dennis Rodman’s Drunken North Korea Interview

mike epps parody
Like a true comedian, Mike Epps took an embarrassing situation and turned it into a funny on; using Dennis Rodman’s CNN outburst, he became the bunt of Mike Epps parody.

mike epps parody

As you may recall, Rodman set off last week to North Korea participate in basketball games between the country’s basketball players and former US NBA players in an exhibition for his “friend for life” Kim Jong-Un, the supreme leader of the country. In an interview with the news channel he openly criticized Kenneth Bae, a US citizen imprisoned with hard labor. In his reckless rant–that may have been detrimental to Bae’s 15 year sentence–he suggested the prisoner may have done something to deserve his prison punishment.

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Although he’s since apologized, citing drinking as the reason behind his outburst; Epps refused to let this issue get too old before he made a hilarious CNN parody of the Hall of Famer’s blunder. Starting off with him criticizing his own entourage,

they left they families, they don’t pay no child support or nothing like that–one of these boys smells like earrings backs.

To him constantly cutting off the reporter, not answering his question, and giving crazy-yet funny responses,

one day you’re going to find out your father is not your father

while adding

one day you’re going to find me f–king Simon Cowell on the side of 7-11

we can’t help but find this beyond funny. Using the same set up as the original interview, the Repentance actor has officially capitalized on yet another embarrassing moment in Rodman’s life.


Press play to watch the parody.


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta