[EXCLUSIVE] Interview: Singer Lil Mo Explains Rumors of Estranged Son, ‘Catfish’ Star Kidd Cole: ‘He’s had a hard life!’

special “Catfish” and my heart was saddened.  i laughed at first because i was like “heaven ya brother on TV”. BUT the fact is, i literally saw this YOUNG MAN raise HIMSELF!! his grandmother helped. but he wasn’t her responsibility. numerous payments was sent to the child support account. that I paid out of my pocket. he was raised without a “YOU know what” !! in these streets, get it how you LIVE IT!! he is NOT a bad guy. he needs guidance. i truly hope he makes his way in the music industry. which is way more cruel than the real world. ps iLove you Jerez!! never give up ok!! love always, MOm ???? v#sorryIhadtoBEhumanTHISoncev#backtoBEINGanALIEN

We chatted with Lil Mo exclusively about her connection with the MTV Catfish star. Check out our conversation below.

theJasmineBRAND.com: Can you clarify your relationship with Kid Cole? Is he the son of your first, ex-husband?

Lil Mo: Kidd Cole is Jerez Coleman. My first ex-husband Gus Stone is his biological father. Kidd Cole is Heaven and God’Iss-Love’s brother. I don’t consider him a step brother. He is their brother!

theJasmineBRAND.com: Did Kidd Cole live with you, when you and his father were married or in a relationship?

Lil Mo: Kidd Cole never lived with us. He lived 7 minutes away from us in Anne Arundel County in Maryland. I saw him riding a bike in a neighborhood where my parents and I owned a home. I told my ex to stop the car I saw a boy that looked like Jerez. He pulled up to the car startled and said, “Hi daddy.” My heart dropped. As we had NO contact. Just child support payments, that I made out of my personal account. I never saw him again after that until I found him on IG and saw him on Catfish.


theJasmineBRAND.com: Were you surprised when you saw him on Cat Fish?

Lil Mo: I was very surprised. I had heard he was producing and working with Jaden Smith. When I asked his father was it true, he replied that he was crazy. I said that he got it honest.

theJasmineBRAND.com: Did his sisters, your two daughters see the episode? What was their response?