(UPDATE) Is Lil Wayne Cheating On Christina Milian With Model Ashlee Monroe?

Lil Wayne and Christina Milian take a stroll on the streets of Philadelphia, PA

The irony in this entire scenario is that Christina just gushed about her relationship with Wayne on the Wendy Williams Show. About her relationship, she told the talk show host:

He’s my man crush, everything. How about that? Is that a good answer? We’re in the studio late at night, we’re at a skate park. We have great chemistry and we have a really great involvement in each others lives.

karrine steffans-and lil wayne-the jasmine brand

On the same day as her Wendy appearance, Christina and Karrine Steffans (who also use to date Wayne), had a back and forth Instagram tough about Wayne as well. After the Instagram spat, Karrine wrote on the social media site:

Here’s the thing about life. Not everything is about you. And if someone says or does something that has nothing to do with you but, somehow, you feel convicted by it, that says a lot more about you and your insecurities than it does about the other person. Not everything is shade. Some shit is just the truth. But not every palm tree or personal truth belongs to you. Other people have experiences, too, and their account of those experiences has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you.

Meanwhile, Christina has yet to comment about Ashlee Monroe’s post.


Later in the day, Ashlee Monroe posted on Instagram:

Lol I laugh…fighting? Never… Don’t believe everything you Read… 1. Me and Wayne are great Friends and have been for Almost 3 Yrs! I’ve always been private with who I love and who I’m dating…And we remain that way. 2. that’s an old Pic, I take full responsibility for the post in the past..I was upset at that time I’m Human. 3. It’s my life. 4. If you don’t like it unfollow m.

I can careless what anyone thinks, while your interested In my Past I’m on with my future. I love the people who support me and Ill always have love for the haters of course ????

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