Monyetta Shaw Says She Was Misquoted, Denies Dragging NeYo & New Wife In Interview

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Monyetta Shaw says she was misquoted and her comments misinterpreted during a recent interview with the New York Post. Monyetta was promoting her new book, Bigger Than Men, and has taken to Instagram slamming the writer who wrote the story. Monyetta writes:

This week I have done some amazing press to highlight my new book Bigger Than Me that empowers women, but today I am deeply offended by the story written by Tashara Jones of the NY Post. For the first time, I have been misquoted and I understand this comes with the territory, however, this was supposed to be an inspirational Q&A article regarding my book. The writer, chose to twist my words and write this story in first person as though I had actually written the article. This story is deceptive, misleading, and incomplete using previous history and dredging up past details that further distracts from the encouraging and motivating messages in my book, which focuses on how to move past a break up and co-parent positively for our kids because it is Bigger Than Us. Love, Light and Blessings – Monyetta Shaw

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So just what did Monyetta allegedly say during her interview with the NYT? See a few excerpts below.

But then, in June 2013 — just two months before our August wedding — Ne-Yo called.

NeYo, Monyetta circa 2012

NeYo, Monyetta circa 2012

“I don’t want to be monogamous anymore,” he told me — in other words, he wanted to break up. A week later, we had a deep conversation face to face. I was so hurt and distraught; my parents have been together for 44 years, and I always assumed our relationship would last for the rest of our lives. The thought of him and my kids not living under the same roof was devastating.

NeYo, Crystal Renay

NeYo, Crystal Renay

Then, in 2014, when Ne-Yo released his music video for “Money Can’t Buy,” I found out that he was dating the video’s vixen, Crystal Renay, known for posting racy photos on Instagram.

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It hurts to see them parade their love on social media. They recently married, on Feb. 20, and Crystal gave birth to their first son. She seems like a nice girl, but I would be worried if I were she. How does she know that he’s not going to do the same thing to her that he did to me?

Adding to the pain is knowing that if I find another man to love, I may not be able to start a family with him. I’m too scared to go to a doctor to find out if there’s anything they can do about it. Because I do want to get married someday, and if my future husband does not have kids, I will want to have his children.

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Click here for NYT’s full story.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams