(EXCLUSIVE) Katt Williams Alleged Assault Victim Accuses Him Of Using Celebrity to Avoid Depo

(EXCLUSIVE) Katt Williams Alleged Assault Victim Accuses Him Of Using Celebrity to Avoid Depo

Katt Williams

Katt Williams Victim Accuses Him Of Using Celebrity

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Katt Williams is accused of attempting to use his celebrity to bend the laws for himself. An alleged assault victim is demanding the court force the comedian to be grilled under oath during a deposition and is accusing him of trying to use his fame to avoid responsibilities.

Here’s the latest: On April 24th, actress Jamila Majesty demanded that Katt be grilled under oath. She explains that Katt is asserting that there should be a celebrity exception to the requirement for a party to make themselves available for a deposition. She says despite his plea, the law does not provide special treatment to celebrities. Majesty is demanding the court order Katt to be deposed and sanctioned for having to fight him on this issue — to the tune of $1,860.

Here’s the backstory:
Last year, Katt was sued by an actress, Jamila Majesty, accusing him
of organizing a physical attack and claimed he was involved in witchcraft and sorcery.

Majesty explained she went to the comedian’s Malibu home two years ago. She was invited to the home and when she arrived, five other women were there and things quickly went south after she used the comedian’s bathroom.

Majesty claims that Katt immediately told her that “no one uses [my] bathroom” and then
the other women began physically attacking and punching her. She claimed the attack lasted for three hours, during which she lost consciousness several times, was left bloodied and the comedian even burned her in the face with his cigarette.

One of the women who attacked her allegedly had a book open which contained the “teachings on sorcery and spells”.  Majesty was eventually able to escape around 1:30am and drove home without calling the police, fearing what Katt would do. She sued for assault, battery, emotional distress and false imprisonment.

Recently, Katt demanded the judge not force him to sit and be grilled for a deposition under oath explaining he would invoke his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination, due to the pending
criminal complaint Majesty filed.

He also feared the depo transcript would be leaked to the media in an effort to embarrass or incriminate him. Katt also fears the tape will be handed over to law enforcement or prosecutors, who are still
investigating him criminally over the alleged incident.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams