Adrienne Bailon Calls Out Mo’Nique: Just because you’re loud doesn’t mean you’re keeping it real.

Adrienne Bailon To Comedian Mo'Nique: Just because you're loud doesn't mean you're keeping it real.

Adrienne Bailon Calls Out Mo’Nique

Adrienne Bailon isn’t necessarily a fan of Mo’Nique’s delivery. As you know, for the past few weeks the comedian and Oscar-Award winning actress had made headlines for criticizing Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels during her comedy routine. [Click here for the latest]. Adrienne weighed in on her thoughts noting that the majority of people on social media co-sign Mo’Nique because they believe she’s keeping it real.

Sadly, what some of the comments though are – obviously this has gone social, social media is what the world is about now – and when you read the comments on social media, alot of the comments are like that they shouldn’t just get along because she’s keeping it real. And she should be heard.

Adrienne continued,

Now, I have an issue with people thinking that every time someone is loud or boisterous or saying something negative, that that’s them keeping it real. Why does it always have to be that, just because you’re all over the place being loud and making a lot of noise, that that’s the truth and that’s real? Why can’t keeping it real be classy? Why can’t keeping it real be, ‘let me hold my peace and let me move on?’ Why can’t keeping it real be, ‘you know what – they may have done that but I’m going to respect that and move forward.’ Why can’t that be keeping it real?

Meanwhile comedian Loni Love sides with Mo’Nique saying:

Honestly, people don’t understand this system. This industry. That [Precious] was an independent movie, it wasn’t even supposed to be a hit. Mo’Nique made it a hit…

Loni adds,

I can understand why she’s feeling some type of way….That was her comedy show, whether you think it was funny or not, that was her comedy show. So you have to judge it a little differently.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams