Ebro Claims Charlamagne Wanted A Job At Hot 97, 50 Cent Ruined NYC Hip Hop

Charlamagne Tha God

Ebro Claims Charlamagne Wanted A Job At Hot 97

Charlamagne Tha God and Ebro Darden are two of the hottest radio personalities in the New York market. While you might suspect everything would be peaches and cream, it isn’t. The pair have had an on-going beef since late 2015 and Darden has just added more fuel to the fire. In a new interview, Darden touches on his beef with Charlamagne Tha God, iHeartMedia’s bankruptcy, and falling out with rapper Taxstone. Peep the excerpts below.

Ebro Claims Charlamagne Wanted A Job At Hot 97, 50 Cent Ruined NYC Hip Hop

50 Cent

On why he thinks 50 Cent destroyed the New York rap game:

The fact that he had beef with everybody, right? Caused New York not want to work together. It was very divisive because he was so big. He was so popular. 50 was so popular and was co-signed by Eminem, and also had Dr. Dre: two of the biggest people in hip-hop. And then, 50 Cent had the biggest album in hip-hop.

On the status of his relationship with Charlamagne:

Uh. We good. He doesn’t like me because I called him a “coon”.

On why he used the word “coon”:

I take issue with him getting next to the lady that was on the Internet; I forgot her name – Tomi Lahren – I felt like the reason he wanted to stand next to her was because she had a large following and whatever. I’m not a person who wants to convert people into my ideas. That isn’t who I am. If you and I disagree, I don’t give a shit. Then there was a video with him and her saying ‘Yeah, and all black dicks matter!’ They giggling and shit. And I’m like, yo, that’s serious coon-ing right there.

On what happened after Ebro made the comment:

I don’t even know Charlamagne as a person. I stepped to him because I was requested to take a photo with him. I don’t have a problem with that, I’m bigger than that. I don’t care that me and you don’t see eye to eye politically or over a certain topic because I called you a name. That’s fine. He didn’t want to.

On Charlamagne’s tactics:

I crack jokes. What y’all saying he can’t handle it? He talks a lot of shit. What? He crying now? He sensitive?

On the rumor that Charlamagne wanted his own show on Hot 97:

His agent reached out to the president of our company.The president of our company hit me, and said, ‘Charlamagne wants to explore maybe a contract option.’ And I was like, ‘Let’s explore it.’ And my president of the company met with his agent, and they had dialogue. And I went to the president and I told him, ‘If this don’t get figured out, you know I’m gone talk about it?’ He was like ‘that’s fine.’

On his feelings about beef: 

We gotta learn to separate the real from the bullshit We have a problem, like, the difference between ni–as talking shit on the basketball court. That’s how I see it. That’s basketball court, shit I would say on the football field to get in another nigga’s head. That’s not real. Real is when I wanna go upside your head with a bottle, ni–a!

On iHeartMedia’s bankruptcy:

iHeart is notoriously bankrupted. They really have billions of dollars in debt that they can’t fix. People get fired all the time.

Ebro Claims Charlamagne Wanted A Job At Hot 97, 50 Cent Ruined NYC Hip Hop


On his relationship with Taxstone:

Me and Tax used to talk all the time. Then he turned left. He went at my lady. Put my lady on his ‘Gram then started talking about his dick and doing a whole bunch of wild shit.

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Authored by: TJB Writer