Jesse Williams Estranged Wife Obsessed w/ Being Seen As Victim, Hasn’t Had A Job In 10 Years

EXCLUSIVE: Jesse Williams Estranged Wife Obsessed w/ Being Seen As Victim, Hasn't Had A Job In 10 Years

Jesse Williams & estranged wife Aryn

Jesse Williams Ex Obsessed w/ Being Seen As Victim

A source close to Jesse Williams and his estranged wife Aryn Drake-Lee says Aryn is obsessed with playing the victim in her legal battle with the Grey’s Anatomy actor. theJasmineBRAND broke the story last April, that Williams had filed for divorce.  A source close to the former couple says

Aryn is obsessed with being seen as a victim and she can’t do that if people continue to view Jesse as the fun, caring, good person that he is.

The source continues,

[It’s] hard for people to feel sorry for you when they find out you haven’t had a job in nearly a decade, blew a marriage with a successful, generous, happy man who just built you a new house, loves his kids and pays you over $50K a month.

The source adds,

She’s driven most of her friends away by demanding they join her wild attacks on Jesse— 99% of them refused because they know the truth, Jesse kills himself working for his community and to provide for his family and their real friends have seen Aryn’s toxic attitude rip away at that marriage for years. Jesse tried really hard but eventually had to save himself and make a choice not to provide a bad example of a toxic relationship for his daughter. He’s never been happier. Aryn lost. All she has left is the remaining pieces of the lie, so she makes up new ones.

Earlier this week, we reported that Aryn filed new legal documents detailing some of the issues that she has with her future ex husband. According to the documents, not only has Jesse taken their two children to meet his new girlfriend, but they refer to the woman as Mama C. The duo had agreed in earlier court documents that they would wait 6 months to introduce their children to a romantic partner. Jesse is said to have introduced the kids to his new alleged girlfriend last October.

Jesse Williams Kids Call His New Girlfriend Mom

Jesse Williams

No further details about Jesse’s new bae (he was previously linked to Mika Kelley) have been revealed. Jesse filed for divorce last year, after five years of marriage. They share two children, daughter Sadie, 4, and son Maceo, 27 months. They have joint legal custody of their two children.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams