Craig Mack Wanted To Commit Murder, Joined Religious Cult Before Death

Craig Mack Wanted To Commit Murder, Joined Religious Cult Before Death

Craig Mack

Craig Mack Wanted To Commit Murder, Joined Religious Cult Before Death

New details have surfaced surrounding the late Craig Mack. According to new footage, which was filmed before his March 12th death, in 2011, the rapper had planned to take someone’s life. Mack stated in the footage,

I had a gun in my lap and I’m sitting there talking to God, saying like, ‘I don’t want to do this, but if it comes to getting ugly with somebody going to try to kill me, I’m going to have to do something first to prevent that.

While contemplating this potential decision, Mack listened to the radio in his car and discovered preacher Ralph Gordon Stair — a self-proclaimed prophet. Mack says,

I knew that it was God talking to me because of the way it made me feel emotionally. I broke down crying all over the place in the car: ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I was thinking about trying to do this to somebody. It was really in my heart to kill him. I was going to do it. 

In the footage, Mack says he sought help from Stair and eventually moved to the Overcomer Ministry in Walterboro, S.C. Last year, Mack invited his friend and former producer, Alvin Toney, to come to Walterboro. Opening up about Mack’s halted career, he admits that the late rapper felt his path to stardom was cut short after the success of Notorious B.I.G. Toney says,

I think that was something that bothered him a lot. He just wished he had more time to show the world who he was. He was cut short of it.

Toney recorded several hours of interviews with Mack at his home in mid-February. At the time, Mack was 46 and walked with a cane and was struggling to breathe.

According to reports, the church that Mack attended is described as a cult. Toney says,

I’m angry because there’s ways he could have went about giving himself to God. I don’t think that was the right place for him because I knew how good his heart was and I think they played on his good heart.

According to reports, 84-year-old Stair was charged with criminal sexual conduct, criminal sexual conduct with a minor and burglary in December. The victims, some of whom were minors at the time of the alleged attacks, claimed Stair molested or raped them in the radio room where he delivered his sermons. In 2002, Stair was accused of raping two women at the church and pleaded guilty to lesser charges of assault and battery.

Toney says he confronted Mack about the sexual misconduct claims for the documentary. He says he asked him,

Your preacher just got arrested … for having sex with a 12-year-old. How do you take that?

Toney says,

He said, ‘I will forgive him because we forgave the people that killed Jesus’. At that point, he was all in.

Mack was buried on the church property. Additional details about Mack’s life will be revealed in Toney’s documentary.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams