Daz Dillinger Tells Crips To Attack Kanye West [VIDEO]

Kanye West, Daz Dillinger

Daz Dillinger Tells Crips To Attack Kanye West

Tha Dogg Pound rapper Daz Dillinger wants the Crips to beat up Kanye West. On Monday, Daz posted a social media video in reaction to Kanye’s comments on saying he loves President Trump and calling him his “brother.” Daz says in the video that Kanye is saying “I’m with you mastah Trump. Burn all these n***ers.” Daz says,

Yo! National alert – All the crips out there, y’all f*ck Kanye up. You see that motherf*cka, f*ck his *ss up on GP. It’s Crip sh*t Nigga. We’re gonna show you how we come together and ride on your mutherf*ckin ass. You know what I’m saying so… [we] better not ever see you in concert. Been not ever see you around the LBC. Better not ever see you around California… stay in Calabasas.

He continued,

You hear me!?Cause we got a Crip Alert for Kanye! You don’t speak on Crip Gods, we the crip gods nigga – you know what I’m saying! Yeah… What’s a crip god to your god nigga?! Where you at right now. So all the Crips out there when you see that nigga bang on his *ss, f*ck his *ss up! F*ck Kanye West up! LBC for life, nigga, it’s Crip, you know what it is.

See the video below.

Daz later posted a separate message stating,

Kanye put a restraining order on me, I appreciate it.

Kanye has yet to comment.

By -Rukayat A. Oloko

Authored by: TJB Writer