Monica Has A Message For Brandy: If We Lift Each Other Up, We Can Do A Whole Lot

Monica Offers Classy Response To Brandy’s Shade

The ongoing feud between Brandy and Monica seems to be never-ending. Tension has been thick between the singers for decades with the death of Whitney Houston, their mediator, seeming to amplify their rumored beef. Lyrics have been changed, parents have gotten involved and last month, Brandy took complete credit for “The Boy Is Mine” during a recent performance. She said toward the end of her performance,

The song is mine. I gotta claim what’s mine. If I don’t got the boy, I’ve got the song. You know what I’m saying?

During a performance in Houston last week, Monica spoke a few words about Brandy, thanking her for the opportunity to win a Grammy and offering that they lift each other up rather than tear each other down. She then dedicated “For You I Will” to the singer.

The only time they called a little Black girl from the country to the big stage, an amazing woman, Ms. Brandy Norwood. See, the thing is, if we lift each other up, we can do a whole lot.

Do you think the beef will be squashed for good?

Authored by: Kellie Williams