Masika Kalysha Calls Out “Growing Up Hip-Hop ATL” Production: Who’s Responsible For This Trash!


Masika Kalysha Calls Out “Growing Up Hip-Hop ATL” Production For Making Her Look Like Something She’s Not

Masika Kalysha has called out the production of “Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta” for mis-associating her name with her co-star and friend Bow Wow. The reality star stated her claims via Twitter after catching up on episodes of the WE TV show. Late Friday evening she wrote,

Y’all just gonna make up sh*t n the edits after the scenes done. WHY tf y’all wanna make me look like I wanna be wit this lil n*gga so fkn bad? R u smoking crack? Who’s responsible for this [trash]? I got a whole ass boyfriend ain’t never been interested n being anything but friends. 

Masika Kaylsha

After being asked about why she keeps bribing the GUHHATL executive producer she replied,

That’s what I kept asking production. Why tf do y’all keep asking me to bring up this mans name every 13 seconds!!! I was just gonna let it ride but after watching that ft call with Deb I’m not about to let y’all keep playin wit my ma fkn name. Look at me snap

After being accused of attempting to pursue Bow, Masika fired back,

no y tf u think she questioned it? They told me to bring him up 50 fkn times 4 no damn reason then told her to question me bringing him up as if they didn’t force it. Smh Y’all gotta use ur brains at some point with this editing & my man ain’t worried about shit stop guessing

Kalysha has been having with issues with her cast members and production since the third season kicked off in October. Just in the shows first few episodes, Kalysha leaked text messages between her and Bow of him calling out his ex-girlfriend Kyomi Leslie.

Authored by: Andre Palmer