Joanne the Scammer Breaks His Silence: “My Life Went Downhill When My Mom Died”

Joanne the Scammer Breaks Silence: “My life went downhill when my mom died”

Where in the world is Joanne the Scammer? One of the world’s favorite social media characters has been noticeably absent for at least a year, and users have begun to speculate about what happened to her. Joanne’s creator, comedian Branden Miller, took to Twitter to open up about his mother’s death.

Joanne the Scammer/comedian Branden Miller

Twitter user @hiitaylorblake asked:

“Wtf happened to Joanne the Scammer??”

Branden replied:

“Tbh my mom died and then my life went down hill from there. Never wanted to say that because I don’t wanna be looked at like a victim or like I’m trying to gain sympathy from anyone. I’m doing much better now!! And just because i don’t post all the time doesn’t mean I’m dead!”

As we previously reported, Branden’s mother died last year of cancer. Prior to her death, he explained his hiatus to his fans:

“I won’t be gone much longer and I’m only uploading this because I don’t want people to think I’m not okay when I am. However, my mom was diagnosed with cancer a year ago and it has already changed my life in many ways. Making people laugh [sic] is something I enjoy doing especially when it’s natural and from me. But when things are not ok I have to look out for myself first. And they aren’t okay right now.. but they will be. This will only make me stronger. Time is all that’s in the way.”

Does this mean that plans for a Joanne the Scammer TV show are off? In 2017, Branden Miller revealed that the idea was being shopped to networks. He said:

“We are currently working on the creative and will be taking it out to buyers and distribution partners soon.”

Who’s looking forward to the return of Joanne the Scammer?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay