Jaden Smith Rocks Pink Hair W/ Blonde Eyebrows [Photo]

Jaden Smith Rocks Pink Hair w/ Shaved Eyebrow

Jaden Smith brings back his unique pink hairstyle with blonde eyebrows. The 20-year-old rapper/actor posted a photo wearing a black t-shirt and shorts while adding mix-matched sock. He shared the photo on social media with the caption with his upcoming album title,

“Erys Is Coming”

The famous son of comedian/actor Will Smith and actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, first rocked his pink hair during an appearance one year ago at the Louis Vuitton.

Recently, Jaden has been taking action in Flint, being an advocate for the water crisis by providing those with no clean water with his bottled water. He recently celebrated his new partnership to carry JUST Water in Target stores in 2018.


Smith told Vibe Magazine in 2018,

“People around the world think the problem in Flint got solved. It’s just not true. The problem has not been solved. People cannot drink the water.”

JUST Water is now available for purchase at select Target stores, and at shopjustwater.com. A 24-pack will set you back roughly $40.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette