Yung Miami Says ‘I’m Really Not Okay’ After Her Car Was Shot At 14 Times: ‘It Really Could’ve Been R.I.P.’

Yung Miami 

Yung Miami Says ‘I’m Really Not Okay’ After G-Wagon Was Shot At ‘It Really Could’ve Been R.I.P.’

Prayers up for Yung Miami as she’s still in shock after her G-Wagon was shot at earlier this week. She wrote on her Instagram story,

“Keep looking at my pictures & all my mentions like it really could’ve been R.I.P… I’m really not okay!”

While there is no suspect yet, reports say she was shot at 14 times.

theJasmineBRAND previously reported that Yung Miami’s car was the target of a series of gunfire after she was leaving Miami’s Circle House Studios.

The City Girls rapper, who is also pregnant, broke her silence on the incident shortly after and said,

“Thank you, everyone for your expression of sympathy, prayers & condolences. Me and my baby summer is perfectly fine.”

A video of her speaking to police at the scene also surfaced. She’s heard saying,

“They just started shooting. But they had their lights off so I never saw them. I don’t know where they came from… the shots started from behind me… the first shot hit the spare tire thing. And then I don’t know how the shots came from the side because.. .my window.”

Her boyfriend, Southside, hasn’t said anything about the shooting on social media yet.

Southside, Yung Miami

Prayers for Yung Miami!


Authored by: Char Patterson