Usain Bolt Wants A Shot With NFL, But Only For Patriots Or Packers

Usain Bolt Wants A Shot With NFL, But Only For Patriots Or Packers

Track star, Usain Bolt has accomplished more than most in his 33 years, breaking several track and field world records while he carries several gold medals to back the Olympic star’s huge personality. Now, the Jamaican native may have his eyes set on a new challenge. He jokingly hinted at the opportunity to walk away from the track for fresh NFL pads and pigskin. Although, the track star says not just any professional team,

“If the Patriots or Aaron Rodgers called me. If they call me, I’m ready.

He continues addressing Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers,

“I definitely think so, because he doesn’t have the right amount of wide receivers right now. You know if you had the right amount of players right now, I think it would be way better, but he’s doing great with what he has.”

Bolt is 6-foot-5 and ran a 4.22 40-yard dash at this year’s Super Bowl “NFL experience” fan event, according to reports. Plus, who’s going to keep up with the fastest man in the world?

Bolt revealed in the years between 2008 and and 2012, he received multiple offers from NFL teams to play in the league back in September, he tells the LA Times.

“I got a lot of offers to go to the NFL. It was something that scared me at the time. I think it’s better now. Back then, it was really a rough sport. If it was like it is now, I think I would probably transition and try to play in the NFL.”

Bolt has retired from the track since 2017 after brief stint with a professional soccer team in Australia.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette