Lil Rel Says He Will Stand Up For Black Lives Matter No Matter What: Don’t Want To Hire Me, F**k You!

Lil Rel Says He Will Stand Up For Black Lives Matter No Matter What: Don’t Want To Hire Me, F**k You!

Actor and comedian Lil Rel Howery(40), real name Milton Howery Jr., known for his stand out roles in Jordan Peele’s, Get Out and Netflix’s Bird Box says he will continue to stand up for and support the #BlackLivesMatter movement even it costs him future acting jobs. During a protest in Hollywood, Lil Rel had some choice words for anyone who had a problem with him siding with the #BLM movement:

“I ain’t scared of sh*t…If you’re a**hole enough to think I’m crazy for standing up for #blacklivesmatter & you don’t want to hire me and cast me, f*ck yo movie, f*ck yo tv show, f*ck yo talk show. I don’t give a f*ck, f*ck you – we will make our own sh*t..”


Lil Rel isn’t the only celebrity who has been outspoken about #BlackLivesMatter. The initiative hit a new high after the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. Most recently, rapper Jeezy urged those in the black community to spend their dollars within.

He said in a video,

First and foremost I’d like to commend everybody that’s non black thats been out here marching, protesting, hashtagging black lives matter, hashtagging defund the police, whatever we got to do let’s just make sure we’re on the same page.

He also spoke on the recent voting controversy that Georgia voters experienced earlier this month.

I went to vote two days ago in Atlanta, Georgia, home, and I must say I was very upset at the way things were handled. Long lines, they shut down the polls at a certain time so that means people there didn’t even get a chance to vote. If you didn’t know your official’s name and it wasn’t on the ballot you wouldn’t even know who you was voting for so you gotta research that. The machines didn’t work so you can already tell we were at a disadvantage. So imma say this, we gotta get on the same page people. If we can show up at a Falcons game for a tailgate party, we could show up at the polls in numbers and forces.


He added,

We must build the black dollar, I’m not gon’ let up off that because if you think about it in the Jewish community the dollar stays around lest say a week. Asian community, two weeks, the white community, forever. The black community, our dollar only stays around six hours. We go spend our money with everybody else, which is why they’re trying to support us now and say that all these black lives matter, these big corporations, because if they lose our money, they lose. So we gotta, let’s stand firm on that. We take our money we spend it outside of our communities and so now we gotta put our money back in our communities and in our people. So support your black local businesses, support your black restaurants, support your black entrepreneurs, support anybody that’s out here that trying to do something that looks like you.

See his full video below:


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Authored by: Eugene Smilez