Spike Lee Apologizes After Defending Woody Allen Against Cancel Culture: I Will Not Tolerate Sexual Harassment, Assault Or Violence 

Spike Lee Apologizes After Defending Woody Allen Against Cancel Culture: I Will Not Tolerate Sexual Harassment

Director Spike Lee has apologized on social media after the backlash he’s received for some comments he made in a radio interview on June 12. The director allegedly defended his “friend” and fellow director Woody Allen. In the interview, Spike alluded that cancel culture may be going too far in terms of canceling filmmakers that are accused of doing wrong things.

In the tweet, Spike Lee wrote,

“I Deeply Apologize. My Words Were WRONG. I Do Not And Will Not Tolerate Sexual Harassment, Assault Or Violence. Such Treatment Causes Real Damage That Can’t Be Minimized.-Truly, Spike Lee.”

Spike Lee apologized after a radio interview with Len Berman and Michael Riedel, co-hosts of New York City radio station WOR’s “In the Morning” show. On the show, Spike said,

“I’d just like to say Woody Allen is a great, great filmmaker and this cancel thing is not just Woody [Allen].When we look back on it we are going to see that — short of killing somebody — I don’t know you just erase someone like they never existed. Woody [Allen] is a friend of mine, a fellow Knick fan, and I know he’s going through it right now.”

Woody Allen has not released any films as of recently because of the sexual assault allegations against him. The director was accused of allegedly molesting his daughter in the earlier part of the 1990s. In 1993, after a six month investigation, the Child Sexual Abuse Clinic of Yale-New Haven Hospital came to the conclusion that Woody Allen did not molest his daughter.

In September 1993, the state prosecutor announced that despite the courts having “probable cause” that Woody allegedly molested his daughter, he would not press charges in order to,

“avoid the unjustifiable risk of exposing a child to the rigors and uncertainties of a questionable prosecution”

In October 1993, the New York Child Welfare Agency of the State Department of Social Services closed the investigation after 14 months and concluded there was not credible evidence of abuse or maltreatment and the allegation was unfounded.

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla