Cuba Gooding Jr. Accused Of Raping A Woman Twice In 2013 – His Lawyer Claims Allegations Are Completely False

Cuba Gooding Jr. Accused Of Raping A Woman Twice In 2013 – His Lawyer Claims: The Allegations Are Completely False

According to a new civil lawsuit, a Jane Doe has accused Cuba Gooding Jr. of raping her twice in 2013, in a SoHo hotel room. Cuba Gooding Jr. attended a court hearing in the misconduct case, on Thursday, Aug. 13th, 2020, in New York. The case was delayed due to the coronavirus.

This news comes after a total of 14 women have now accused actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. of sexual misconduct.

The alleged incident occurred after the Jane Doe, met Cuba Gooding Jr. in the VIP section of a lounge in Greenwich Village in August of that year.

The suit alleges that Cuba Gooding Jr.

“invited the Jane Doe to the Mercer Hotel in SoHo and they took a cab to get there before Gooding brought her to his room so that he could change his clothes, according to the docs.”

Once in the room, Gooding put on music and began to undress despite the woman saying she wished to leave the room and head to the bar.

Once he was “completely naked,” Gooding “forcibly and without consent” put one hand in the woman’s top and another up her dress.”

The plaintiff claims that they told Cuba Gooding Jr. “no,” but he allegedly did not stop.

The suit adds that

“The actor then allegedly raped the woman both vaginally and anally.”

After the alleged incident, the woman “hurriedly left the hotel room” to meet her friend downstairs.”

The Jane Doe is seeking a jury trial and an unspecified amount of damages.

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s attorney Mark Jay Heller denied the accusations,

“The allegations are completely false and perjurious, In fact, the defendant was never served with a complaint setting forth the allegations, which purportedly are seven years old …”

Cuba Gooding Jr. is facing trial on 6 misdemeanor counts of sexual abuse and forcible touching.  The allegations come from three other accusers.

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Authored by: Demi Lobo